Led Design Lighting Online is one of the biggest online stores in Europe for outdoor lighting, indoor lighting and LED lighting. Exhibiting revolutionary lighting, the company is recognized throughout the Belgium for its subtle blend of elegance, ambiance, design and functionality, both in outdoor and indoor lighting. From the passion for light and with over 30 years experience in the lighting world it was time for Led Design Lighting Online to go on the web and thus its journey began. The future of LED Design Lighting is fully guaranteed with Eric Callebaut, CEO and the Founder, at the helm of the company, carrying further dynamism and ambition to the organization.

Building on its reputation as supplier of architectural lighting, Led Design Lighting Online has grown to become a trend-setter when it occurs to offer lighting solution for commercial, residential, and professional environments. Extending from residential to retail, workplace, showrooms, public to hospitality and landscape projects, tiny to extremely large scale, Led Design Lighting has the product range, knowledge and experience to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of your projects.

At Led Design Lighting, a team of 12 motivated employees is at your service with enthusiasm to offer the best service. Company started its journey with only three employees but as the company grew the LED Design Lighting workforce also gradually grew. The company is only as good as its passionate and qualified employees. Driven to reliable and recognizable lamps, LED Design Lighting believes in dynamic teamwork in synergy with well-known and emerging experts, looking for new suggestions in lighting fixtures, breaking up the current trends and conventions.

There are many lighting online stores in Europe but LED Design Lighting is your one-stop lighting shop! If you cannot find the lighting solutions you are looking for in this store then you probably will not find them anywhere else! The door of online store is open 24/7 so feel free to browse each and every categories and make an order now!


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