Excellent Bathroom Lighting

LED Lights

Bathroom lighting is usually unappreciated and undervalued, even though in many situations, it can build or ruin the entire design of the restroom. There is nothing worse than having a wonderfully designed area of your house, and bathing it out with lousy light!

The kind of washroom lighting style you picked, whether it is wall lights, cans, tracks or pendants, will allow determining the style of the room- from conventional to modern, and everything around. Yet no matter what your design or main lighting source happens to be, LED lights can include some exclusive and attractive touches. If you are planning for a complete restroom remodel, or just trying to retouch the existing design, LED lighting style is an easy and affordable way to apply to both the layout and functionality of this room.


Led bathroom lighting


Basin or Counter-top Lighting

As restrooms are mainly designed around function, basic components like countertops and basins have a tendency to be unnoticed. But LED light allows you to convert these functions and features into something eye catching. For those prepping to redesign, dimmable LED lights could be incorporated with bathroom sinks and glass counters to produce a beautiful optical effect. LED strip lighting can also be included to current design by lining the sides of counter-top for a spectacular lighting effect. Almost all LED brands offer a wide array of brightness and color levels to elevate any decor.

Toe-Kick Lighting Style

Toe-kick lighting is a perfect way to highlight design features like floating vanity cabinets, though it could also be used to improve the appearance of the most ordinary washroom cabinets. The lighting serves to brighten up stuff underneath the floating counter for ease of access, while also offering a convenient nighttime light for guests. This lighting style is easy to incorporate into an existing restroom, and could be integrated with infrared motion sensor for your comfort!

Bathroom Mirror Lighting

Another fashionable way to use flexible LED strips is by placing led light around or at the rear of restroom mirrors. This type of lighting style is not only a wonderful way to make sure you look your best, but can also serve as a stylish center point of the bathroom. This is a superb way to improve the look of your washroom without having to spend in a costly transformation. LEDs offer a better grade of light which allows to maintain the surrounding natural colors, ideal for washroom mirrors! And whether you choose to start with a plug-in system or a hardwired, there are a wide range of dimmers which could be used to regulate the level of brightness just to the perfect setting.


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